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Lesson 7Selecting window managers
ObjectiveUse the GNOME Control Center to select a window manager.

Selecting Window Managers in Redhat

Let us say after you installed Red Hat Linux and used Enlightenment for a while, you discovered its functionality just wasn't meeting your needs. As you might suspect, you need to change your configuration to start a new window manager and set some new preferences.
Fortunately, the GNOME system provides an X application called the GNOME Control Center that allows you to set X preferences without having to edit text files. These preferences include changing your window manager, editing your own window manager's settings, or changing the X resources used regardless of the window manager.

Changing your window manager
You launch the GNOME Control Center by clicking toolbox button on the GNOME launch Panel.
The following simulation shows you how to use the Control Center to change your window manager to twm from Enlightenment.
Gnome Control Center
To change preferences for your new window manager, use the GNOME Control Panel.
The next lesson explains how to run remote X clients on the local machine.